How to Apply

Pre-Application Grants Workshop

The first step in the application process for a Hotel Improvement Program (HIP), Property Improvement Program (PIP) or Paint Only Program (POP) grant is attending a CRA Grants Workshop. The workshop will cover the types of grants offered by the CRA, the application process, and reimbursement timelines. There will also be a chance to ask questions about the process and discuss details of individual properties. The CRA will be holding two virtual workshops each month. To take full advantage of this workshop, please bring photos of your property and a tentative scope of work.

HIP, PIP or POP grant applicants MUST attend a workshop prior to submitting a grant application and advanced registration is required to reserve your seat. Mural Only Program (MOP) grant applicants do not need to attend a workshop. 

Please call the CRA office at 954-924-2980 or email Christopher Crocitto for more information or to register for a workshop.

Submitting a Grant Application

After the pre-application workshop you will need to compile a complete grant application. These requirements vary for each type of grant. Please read about the specific requirements for each grant: