2alas | 1900 Hollywood Boulevard


2alas is the moniker of Andrew Antonaccio and Orlando Galvaz, two Miami-based artists who exhibit in curated gallery shows, as well as paint in the streets of Wynwood Arts District, New York, Montreal and now, Downtown Hollywood. Combined, their unique style is comprised of geometric abstraction, basic colors and binary imagery.

With Mona Lisa, 2alas have appropriated one of the most recognized and famed portraits in art history to attract the attention of pedestrians in Hollywood. The digitized, black and white close-up of the Mona Lisa face appears superimposed on vertical lines, speckled with bright triangles and shapes.

"We want to create an impact," explains Antonaccio, "and this type of imagery – as simple as it looks – can be recognized by everyone no matter how much they know about art. Our Mona Lisa has been created for the audience, and we use line and color to play on the subject from a variety of perspectives. We hope to give Hollywood a modern Renaissance image to love, as the city goes through its own transformation."


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