Vickie Pierre | 1922 Tyler Street

Vickie Pierre Mural

Vickie Pierre is a Haitian American, mixed media artist born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, where she studied at the School of Visual Arts. Pierre's practice includes various techniques and materials such as painting, drawing, murals and collage as well as assemblage and installation. Her continued focus is on the exploration of self-identity, with references to feminine tropes and historic and contemporary cultural politics, while concurrently observing and considering latent associations to Haitian culture and mythologies.

Pierre's mural is meant to evoke sentiments of femininity, romanticism and decadence with a hint of storybook charm. The mural presents graphic, anthropomorphic shapes reminiscent of sea or botanical life, floating against a blue-green background with metallic gold oval accents throughout. Each pink organic form represents FEMALE, as deity, otherworldly character or faceless totem. Each has a "halo" ring around it, suggesting inner light or illumination. The reddish / pink accents further implies the feminine, suggesting flower clusters or even hair barrette designs. 


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