CRA Board Members & Staff Directory

CRA Board

The CRA Board consists of seven members who also serve as the Mayor and City Commission. CRA Board meetings are normally scheduled for the first and third Wednesday of the month at 9:00 am at Hollywood City Hall, 2600 Hollywood Boulevard Meetings are streamed live on the Internet and broadcast live on the City’s cable television Channel 78. Meeting agendas and minutes can be viewed here.

Chairperson Josh Levy: Email Josh Levy
Board Member Caryl S. Shuham: Email Caryl S. Shuham
Board Member Linda Hill Anderson: Email Linda Hill Anderson
Board Member Traci L. Callari: Email Traci L. Callari
Board Member Adam Gruber: Email Adam Gruber
Board Member Kevin D. Biederman: Email Kevin D. Biederman
Board Member Idelma Quintana: Email Idelma Quintana

CRA Staff

Jorge Camejo, Executive Director: Email Jorge Camejo
Susan Goldberg, Deputy Director: Email Susan Goldberg
Lisa Liotta, Redevelopment & Operations Manager: Email Lisa Liotta
Yvette Scott-Phillip, Budget Manager: Email Yvette Scott-Phillip
Moshe Anuar, Senior Coastal Project Manager: Email Moshe Anuar
Lyliana Cardinale, Marketing and Media Coordinator: Email Lyliana Cardinale
Adam Chernov, Communications Coordinator: Email Adam Chernov
Christopher Crocitto, Project Manager: Email Christopher Crocitto
Francisco Diaz-Mendez, Project Manager: Email Francisco Diaz-Mendez
Esperanza Espinel, Administrative Specialist: Email Esperanza Espinel
Phyllis Lewis, Executive Assistant: Email Phyllis Lewis
Geoff Marmon, Recreation Coordinator: Email Geoff Marmon
Taywan Parrish, Assistant Maintenance Supervisor: Email Taywan Parrish
Allen Perry, Accounting Specialist: Email Allen Perry
Sarita Shamah, Senior Project Manager: Email Sarita Shamah
Tony Tiru, Beach Maintenance Supervisor: Email Tony Tiru
Jill Weisberg, Arts Specialist: Email Jill Weisberg