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Posted on: September 17, 2018

Create Your Own Custom Mini-Me at Purple Flame in Downtown Hollywood

At Purple Flame, a unique business in Downtown Hollywood, anyone can create their own mini-me that reflects a favorite pastime, profession or fantasy persona, or celebrates a special occasion.

Utilizing 3D printing technology, proprietor Rolf Wiegel crafts custom PetitMe figurines in a variety of themes from sports and occupations, to brides and grooms and graduates, to superheroes. More than 60 different PetitMe adult and child characters are currently available, with more being added over the next couple of months. There are also over 200 bobblehead characters to choose from, including sports, professions and a Halloween collection.

All that’s required to create a “3D printed selfie” is to take a couple of headshots and choose a character, all of which can be done either on site at 2028 Harrison Street or online. 

Wiegel and his wife Solange started the business, which also includes a range of 3D printing and standard printing services, a year and a half ago. The Frankfurt, Germany native, a banker in Brazil who negotiated international debts, retired and moved in January 2017 to Florida’s Hollywood, where the couple had kept an apartment for two years.

But he soon grew restless in retirement. “I looked for something I could do,” he said.

With no technical background, Wiegel learned all about high-resolution 3D printing. He’s able to customize the figurines with the model’s hair color and style as well as face. The finished product, which is coated in wax for extra protection on the “skin,” takes two to three weeks.

Single PetitMe figurines are $98 and a bride-and-groom wedding cake topper is $168.  Superhero and sports figurines can be personalized with a logo or jersey number for an additional $10 to $20. The body type or position can be customized for $60 more. Bobbleheads are available in three sizes: 2.25 inches ($20), 3 inches ($35) and 4 inches ($50).

Most of Wiegel’s business currently is outside South Florida, with customers in California and Texas and as far away as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Wiegel also offers local photo booth rentals for corporate and private events, where guests can upload headshots and complete their order.

Wiegel finds Downtown Hollywood to be an ideal location. In addition to being only 10 minutes from home, he appreciates the convenient central location, pedestrian-friendly environment and large number of restaurants in Hollywood’s historic downtown arts, music and entertainment district.

“First of all, it is the pedestrian traffic, and there are good businesses nearby,” he said. “It’s affordable. And you have nice people here.”

Purple Flame is open from 1 to 6 pm Monday - Friday or by appointment. For more information, call 954-805-2682, or visit or For other 3D printing services – including architectural models and artist, animator and digital sculpture – visit

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