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Posted on: August 2, 2022

IVtamin Spa “Where Health Is Beauty” Opens in Downtown Hollywood

IVtamin Spa

EAT, DRINK, DRIP, BREATHE says the website for IVtamin Spa, the bright, sparkly, and inviting new wellness center that recently opened at 118 South 20th Avenue, in the heart of Downtown Hollywood.  All four, believe co-founder and owners Mario Callejas and Marilin Marrero, create the IVtamin Spa path to inner wellness, which leads, they say, to “beauty from the inside out.”

“Everything here has to do with health,” explained Callejas, indicating an oxygen bar with individual nasal infusers, ten IV drip therapy stations, and a menu that offers nutrient-filled meals, organic smoothies, and juices that support a healthy lifestyle.

“We can help you detox and feel better by delivering essential vitamins, minerals and more directly into your bloodstream.”

Callejas and Marrero are long-time business partners in the insurance industry who wanted to expand their business into something completely different “and less boring,” laughed Marrero.  Both Callejas and Marrero live and socialize in Hollywood, and wanted to keep their new business here, supporting the City while providing a benefit to neighbors and visitors alike.  

“I’ve used these types of health services myself,” said Callejas, “and when I realized that there wasn’t anything like it in Hollywood… well, we had an idea and we acted on it.”

IVtamin Spa offers a variety of treatments designed to boost and maintain health and beauty, Marrero explained, from the inside out.   New clients are evaluated by a nurse or doctor and, depending on each person’s situation, are given a recommended course of treatment.  These can include vitamin IV drip therapy or injections, a visit to the 90% pure oxygen bar (which includes an infusion of essential oils if desired!) plus a variety of healthy food and drink from their in-house menu.

All but the oxygen, she added, can also be delivered and administered at home or in office.

Testosterone replacement therapy and Botox injections are among the additional services offered at IVtamin Spa at this time, with more to come as the business develops.

“The vitamin shots, or concentrated drips, are administered monthly, injected right into the bloodstream, often with immediate results,” noted Marrero.  “It’s especially good for people who don’t like taking many pills every day.” 

Prices for the services range from Vitamin C, D, B12 or fat burner injections for as low as $50 each, and IV drips starting at $79.    Monthly treatments are generally ideal, so the owners have created a membership program with reduced rates starting at $99 per month.  In general, they noted, the IVtamin Spa prices are approximately 30% below current competitive rates.

“We believe that healthy living, which includes eating well, an IV drip every week or two, plus vitamin and B12 shots for natural energy, will help our clients live a healthy life,” added Callejas.  “Our mission is to empower our clients to always look and feel their best.”

IVtamin Spa is open every day from 10 am to 7 pm, and by appointment for mobile IV therapy.  For more information or to schedule a free consultation, please call 954-842-4293 or visit