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RFP: 2031 Harrison Street

Pursuant to Section 163.380, Florida Statutes, The Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency hereby notifies all interested private developers and persons of its intent to sell, lease or otherwise transfer property located at 2031 Harrison Street, in the downtown area. The subject property is zoned CCC-1 (Central City Commercial Low Intensity) and should be improved and activated consistent with the zoning district requirements and is being offered in “as-is” condition with the right to inspect.

The Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is seeking proposals for a high quality project for the above-described property. The CRA will consider and entertain proposals from proposers desiring to either lease or purchase the property. Such proposals shall be based upon the City’s Permitted Uses for the subject property and should embrace a creative business concept which includes generating patronage and attracting a large following by providing artistic and/or cultural programming, creative workspace, workshops, entertainment, performances, academics or similar uses or a combination thereof. The proposals should include design sketches, a financial feasibility component for the renovation of the subject property, a ten year business plan which includes the following: a) an executive summary; b) company overview; c) market analysis and plan; d) customer analysis; e) competitive analysis.  Additional information may be obtained by contacting the City Clerk’s office at (954) 921-3211.

All proposals must be submitted by those interested by July 5, 2016 to:  Jorge Camejo, Executive Director of the Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency, c/o the Office of the City Clerk, 2600 Hollywood Boulevard,  Hollywood, Florida 33020.  

The CRA Board reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal and to negotiate an agreement with any selected proposers.

The floor plan of 2031 Harrison Street can be viewed here.


1. We would like to confirm that the due date for the proposal is in fact 7/5 as we can't find that anywhere. Will that be sent out in writing?
The due date is July 5th.  It was advertised in the Sun Sentinel and we shall highlight on our website.

2. When is the Vote?
The vote will take place at a future CRA Board meeting.  The date has not been confirmed.

3. Should we / can we be there?
Yes, the meeting is open to the public.

4. Do we need to be available to answer questions?
If there are questions from the Board in regard to your proposal, they will be asked at the Board Meeting.

5. Does the staff send questions about the proposals after viewing them?

6. Will the agenda for the meeting when the vote will take place be posted?

7. If so, at that point will it indicate who else has submitted proposals?

8. Is there another way to get that information?
The information will be posted on the City’s and CRA’s website.  The only other way would be by issuing a Public Records Request.

9. How long do you anticipate it to take to make your selection after the proposals are submitted?
A time frame has not been set.

10. Will the review of proposals and the vote on the proposals take place on the same day?
No.  A selection committee will make a recommendation to the CRA Board.  The CRA Board will then vote on the recommendation of the selection committee.

11. Is a hard copy required or may we submit an electronic copy?
A hard copy is required.

12. How many copies of my proposal are required?

13. When will the CRA Board review and discuss the proposals?
It is most likely that the proposals will be addressed at the September 7th CRA Board meeting.


The following entities responded to the Request For Proposals:

1. James Alexander Bond
2. Inwood Properties, LLC and Buro Group, LLC
3. Launch Me Labs, LLC


Request for Proposals and Notice of Intent to Sell, Lease, or Otherwise Transfer CRA Property in Downtown City of Hollywood, Florida

James Alexander Bond
Inwood Properties, LLC and Buro Group, LLC
Launch Me Labs, LLC

Evaluation Committee:
The committee met on Friday, July 22, 2016 and consisted of six individuals, three employed by the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) and three employed by the City of Hollywood.  Committee members were as follows:

Jorge Camejo, Executive Director, CRA
Susan Goldberg, Deputy Director, CRA
Yvette Phillip, Budget Manager, CRA
Jeffrey P. Sheffel, City Attorney
Shiv Newaldass, Chief Development Officer
Brian Rademacher, Corridor Redevelopment Manager

Award being recommended to:  Inwood Properties, LLC and Buro Group, LLC

In Summary: The Evaluation Committee recommended that the CRA move forward with the award process based upon their recommendation to sell, lease or transfer the property to the highest ranked proposer.  The CRA will prepare a resolution for the next regular CRA Board Meeting.

Dated and Posted:  August 5, 2016