Hollywood Beach Renourishment

Beach ConstructionWhen Does It Start?

Construction has begun and is expected to continue through February 2012.

Which Section of the Beach Will Get Sand?

  • North Segment - The north segment will receive 27,000 tons of sand between Sheridan and Carolina Streets. There will also be restoration and revegetation of the dune between Sherman and Thomas Streets.
    View North Segment Map (PDF)
  • South Segment - The south segment will receive 97,000 tons of sand from approximately Foxglove Terrace to the southern boundary of the City of Hollywood.
    View South Segment Map (PDF)

Note: The sand will extend the beach from a few feet to over 50 feet depending on the location and existing condition of the beach.

Where Will the Sand Come From?

The sand originates at the Ortona mines near Lake Okeechobee. It is white colored sand and has been used previously for several truck-haul beach projects in South Florida and the Keys.

How Will the Sand Be Placed?

Over the road dump trucks will truck the sand in and drop the sand at two access points on the beach. Protective covering is provided to the Broadwalk and the asphalt at the north and south segment access points respectively. Special off-road trucks will then transport the sand along the beach to construction sites north and south of the entrance areas and bulldozers will spread the material.

What Is the Construction Schedule?

  • Phase I - North Segment (Sheridan Street to Carolina Street) - This segment to be completed first. Trucks will enter/ exit the beach at Lee Street. Mats or planks will be used to protect the Broadwalk. This section is expected to take about 20 days.
  • Phase II - South Segment (Foxglove Terrace to City of Hollywood Southern Boundary) - Trucks will enter/exit the beach at Magnolia Terrace near Keating Park. This section is expected to take about 50 days.
  • Construction for both phases will operate from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Saturday.

How Will Public Safety Be Addressed?

Public Safety is paramount. Beach truck entrances and the area used for transporting, dumping, and grading sand along the beach will be protected with fencing and signs. Flagmen will escort each truck as it travels along the beach. Backup alarms are required on all trucks, loaders, and bulldozers.

What If We Have Questions During Construction?

The City of Hollywood's Community Redevelopment Agency has contracted with Stephen Higgins, former Beach Erosion Administrator for Broward County, to be on-site during construction. If you have any questions or would like updated information, please email Stephen Higgins at 954.245.2691.

The City of Hollywood hopes residents and tourists enjoy the nearly 1.5 miles of restored and enhanced beach.