Fabio Onrack | 2050 Hollywood Blvd

Fabio Onrack Mural

Originally from Brazil, Fabio Onrack is a fine art painter and muralist with a passion for transforming urban spaces. Since completing his MFA in Visual Arts and Painting from the University of São Paulo, he has collaborated extensively with the Department of Education in Brazil, completing large-scale murals in over 40 schools throughout São Paulo.

Fabio's work combines photorealistic portraiture with 3-dimensional effects and colorful geometric shapes. His introduction to painting came through a near death experience in his early teens, and has given his work a subtle undertone of gratitude, peace and unity.

Onrack's DHMP mural features realistic black-and-white portraits of renowned artists Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Onrack's work reflects his artistic passion for painting people and places and his exploratory style of painting three-dimensional elements with expressive movement and emotion. _____________________________________________________________________

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